Advanced Certified Drillers Who REALLY Care!!! 

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We are in the Promenade Shopping Center on the SW corner of 99th Ave and Bell Road.  We are located between Starbucks and Van's Golf.

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Martin Qaryaqos (April 2016) -
I was actually on my way to another pro shop and ran into this one on accident and I am so glad I did. These guys are honest and will not try to sell you stuff you don't need. I was having problems with my thumb (drilled in another shop) and they were able to recognize an issue right away and fix it.
I will be returning here for all my bowling needs. Even the other customers in the store were super friendly. Great place. Can't recommend it enough.

George Plesa (Nov. 2015) -

 A well run customer orientated pro shop that does not "oversell" products to new bowlers. If you need it they will recommend it but if you're really just wasting your money and about to overbuy they will tell you. Honest businessmen making a living and making friends. Their drilling is absolute perfection. I had my ball re-drilled because the span was off by 1/4" and it made a huge difference in my release. They also give lessons and I would highly recommend either Joe, Pat, or Pat's son Taylor.

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Vital Signs Bowling

We are a full service pro-shop offering Balls, Shoes, Bags and many accessories.  We also service your equipment offering plugging, surfacing, oil bleeding, as well as MANY other services.  Give us a call- We can help! 

Bowling Ball Drilling Experience

10001 West Bell Road #112, Sun City, AZ 85351

  25 years of combined bowling pro-shop experience.  Two drillers holding the HIGHEST CERTIFICATION available. Amazing customer service from people who care about you- our customers!

  Our owners, Joe and Patrick are the people you will deal with on-site every day!  We do not employ part-time employees to run our shop.

  Joe and Patrick both hold the very difficult to achieve Advanced Certified Technician title issued by IBPSIA.  This is the standard for quality drillers in the Eastern states, and there are less than 10 drillers West of the Mississippi who have achieved this title!

  Both Patrick and Joe have lead their High School Bowling teams to win State Championships.  Patrick with Deer Valley High School, and Joe won 3 championships with North Canyon High School and 1 with Youngker High School.

  Patrick is in his 3rd year as a Staff Bowler for Storm and Roto-Grip. and currently averages 220+.  He is listed in the Bowlers Journal's TOP 100 Coaches.

  Joe is currently throwing 900 Global and is also averaging 220+.  He has assisted numerous young bowlers to achieve their goal of of bowling in college.  With this, most of them have gotten quite a bit of scholarship money.