Repairs / Maintenance

Maintenance? What??? Yes, you do have to maintain your equipment.  Not just when there are chips or cracks, but when they get saturated with oil, or are tracked-out (surface has lost traction).  Plugging and re-drilling available too!

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Bring life back to your game!  Lessons are a great way to help your game, eliminate / minimize pain, and they are very affordable too!  USBC Certified instruction

What We Offer

We have been at our current location since 2006 and have worked off one simple motto:  In Sun City, if you treat someone right they will tell 10 people they know, if you treat someone wrong- they will tell 10 people they know and 100 that they don't! Everyone here sincerely cares about your experience and strives to make your game the best it can be.

Advanced Certified Drillers Who REALLY Care!!! 

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We don't just punch holes in balls!  Our training is extensive in Sports Bio-Mechanics and Bowling Physics.  When you drill a hold into a sphere that has 3 different densities inside of it, what have you done to the roll?  It's things like that, that we have to consider.  We are master fitters that are experts at dealing with challenging hands.  Arthritis is just an everyday thing here!  If you've got the challenge- We're up to it!