Advanced Certified Drillers Who REALLY Care!!! 

ItsMotsN - 5 Stars - 2019

Last time I bowled was in 2006. Going to get back into it. Joe and Pat helped me out and service was extraordinary! They trusted me to try pit one of their bowling balls to see when I land before I purchase a ball. Shout out to Joe and Pat. Thank you


Juan Roque​- 5 Stars

I will only buy my son's equipment here. Patrick and Joe are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They advise and suggest in the bowler's best interests not their profit margin's. You can't ask for a more honest and straight forward business approach. I highly recommend Vital Signs whether you bowl for fun or are a competitive bowler. These guys rock! 

Chuck Nance - 5 Stars - 2019

These are our go to guys for anything bowling. Joe Patrick and Taylor are very knowledgable and just fun to talk to. Prices are right but it's the personalized service that brings us back.

Julie Clay-Franklin- 5 Stars

About a year and a half ago, when we were VERY new into bowling, on our first visit, to buy myself some new bowling shoes.  We were so impressed with the customer service that we received.  Not only did they help us with what we came in for, but they were very interested and supportive of our 11 year old daughter's interest in bowling.  They explained how they are involved in youth bowling and how they have balls there that people were no longer using that they had for youth bowlers...and my daughter walked out with a "new to her" bowling ball.  To say she was excited is an understatement.  Since that time she has developed a passion for the game and has competed in every tournament we can find for her.  And she has earned herself quite a bit of scholarship money and some great plaques and trophies.  I often think that the way she was treated that day may truly have had a lot to do with her becoming a BOWLER!  Thank you guys!!!

Mike V - 5 Stars - 2019

Great friendly staff! Came in to get my ball re-gripped. Was open to re drill. Non pressure sales! Would recommend.

Brooke Collins- 5 Stars

My boyfriend brought me here this summer before the JBT Desert Open tournament.  I had every ball I have re-drilled to my actual span and I can't thank Joe and Patrick enough for doing that.  Finally having my equipment drilled correctly has really improved my game and I ended up taking 4th place at the Desert Open and that wouldn't have happened without the help of both Joe and Patrick.  thank you both for improving my game and I'll definitely be having my equipment drilled by them from now on :) 

Tim Urban - 5 Stars - 2018

​I took my storm physix here to get drilled. I've never been here before, came to Vital Signs from a recommendation from a friend. I found my bowling heaven. Patrick took care of me from start to finish. These guys measured my hand so many different ways and I was amazed at how friendly they are and superior knowledge. I'll never go anywhere else.

Adam Kohn- 5 Stars

Best Bowling shop that I know of!  These guys are friendly, and they'll make sure you're set up for lots of strikes!

TBolt- 5 Stars 2020

The place to go for your bowling needs. Pat and Joe will never over-sell you on anything​ and have talked me out of buying things that I did not need.

Scott Lawrence- 5 Stars

Friendly and Knowledgeable staff.  Always willing to answer any question and their dedication to your bowling is commendable!

GarytheGman- 5 Stars - 2020

Great Service, Really Nice People!

Louis Schempf- 5 Stars

I walked into this shop after 40 years of not bowling.  I was pretty good back in the day. Boy have things changed!  These guys both took a lot of time to educate me on the changes in equipment, lanes, and technique.  I can't believe how patient they were with all of my questions.  I didn't even buy a ball the first time I was in.  They recommended against it! They told me go throw a house ball for a few games to make sure I could still bowl after a recent injury (I'm old!). And to check a weight that was comfortable.  I ended up buying a ball and it's the best fit I've ever had.  These gentlemen are true professionals and are darn good at what they do!

David Rohe- 5 Stars

Pat and Joe have helped my game immensly since I first started bowling.  They molded my little brother into a great bowler who is earning money for college doing tournaments.  They aren't just owners of a proshop, they are very knowledgeable about everything bowling related.  Whether it's a question about a ball, or an oil pattern that you are having trouble with, definately go check them out!  You won't be disappointed!

Dave B - 5 Stars - 2018

​My family and I came in here for our son who is on a bowling club (team) in college. My son has never played in a competitive league and bowls for fun so we were a bit worried about getting into a sport like this when the rest of the team has experienced bowlers. When we went in the staff was professional and offered a lot of advice and instruction for my son. Some of the staff members are coaches for my son's club which made it much more rewarding. The staff fitted him with 2 different type balls for his game and worked on his form, had him roll the ball for test purposes as well as gave him some different drills for him to work on to help improve his game. If you are new to bowling or have been bowling for years, these guys will help you in whatever area you need. I highly recommend you checking this place out!

Mary Berg- 5 Stars

My daughter Rachel is a loyal customer and student of Joe's.  Since working with Joe she has been named the 2014 USBC "Girl of the Year".  The award is based on grades community involvement and bowling.  Vital Signs has also given her the opportunity to work with Liz Johnson which was amazing.  Joe we owe you so much for helping Rachel get ready for tournaments and getting her ready to navigate the world of college bowling.

Michael Kay - 5 Stars - 2019

My wife's nephew recommended these guys for all our bowling needs. After a 12 year break, my wife and I joined a get your gear league. After receiving the new ball I decided that I would check these guys out. Even though I had older balls that I liked, when I have someone new drill the bowling balls, I have they start from scratch. After drilling the ball they had be take a couple of throws in there shop to make sure it felt god and no problems. Since then my average has gone up and I bowled my first 200 game in 12 years. I will take my family there for all their bowling needs as they also helped my wife with her game. Strongly recommend them for any level of bowler, especially beginners.

​Kert S - 5 Stars - 2018

Have purchased my first ball from them and was really surprised at the time we spent discussing options. After an hour ended up buying a few things from them and also had them convert all my balls to interchangeable thumbs and glad I did. I also have had them rejuvenate a older ball and they did a fabulous job. Will be doing all my business with them.Type your paragraph here.

Vital Signs Bowling Reviews

James McDaniel - 5 Stars - 2019

I haven't been here for about a year. Very honest and helpful guys. They could have sold me a new ball, but they said that I really didn't need one. My balls were just fine.

Robert E- 5 Stars 2020

Joe and Pat are knowledgeable and helpful in all of your bowling needs! My go-to place for all my bowling needs!



Martin Qaryaqos - 5 stars

I was actually on my way to another proshop and ran into this one on accident and I am glad I did.  These guys are honest and will not try to sell you stuff that you don't need.  I was having problems with my thumb (drilled at another shop) and they were able to recognize an issue right away and fix it.  I will be returning here for all my bowling needs.  Even the other customers in the store were super friendly.  Great place.  Can't recommend it enough.